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My Daily Prayer – Pastor Arto

Pastor Arto has shared insight into his personal prayer life. In more than 30 years He has adapted and developed certain principles into his daily prayer time. As you study these prayer points and apply them to your own life you will find out for yourself that there is power in Prayer.

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3 Year Anniversary Celebration – Jan. 1

Our third anniversary celebration was a great time with several visiting pastors from the Helsinki area. Check back later for pictures.
Together we celebrated all that God has done through VICF in 3 short years. At the same time we looked together at the vision and mission God has given VICF for 2012 and the future.

I am always within the reach of His loving arms

I am always within the reach of His loving arms

My first encounter with the Lord occurred when I was between 11 and 13 years of age. Even without fully understanding the essential aspects of the gospel, there was a deep sense within me that His presence was real. I cannot recall making a commitment at that time, but when I got to boarding school I began to know more about God, and made a commitment to the Lord in my second year. The atmosphere was conducive for me to maintain a nominal christian walk yet even at that time I did not fully understand the purposes and ways of God. I was filled with the Holy Spirit when I was in my third year in high school, I could speak in tongues, and from then on I had a deeper sense of the presence of God in my life. Despite this experience, and the deep longing within me to know God, I was deficient in the truths of God’s ways and my foundation in Christ was weak. In my last year of high school I was given a leadership position, and the need to please others or prove that I was capable made me drift in my christian walk. Now I realize it was caused by a low self esteem and inferiority complex. By the time I finished school I was more focused on myself and what I could achieve and most of all enjoying life. I had always heard about the fun of being in the nightclubs and with my mind focused on experiencing the night life, I remember telling God “please let me Have fun but not to let me die before returning to You”. My understanding at that point was that knowing God and living in accordance to His will was about going to heaven or hell in the after- life.

I proceeded to enjoy the night life which caused a lot of strain in my relationship with my parents. None-the-less, I was rebellious enough not to care, all I wanted was to dance and be with my friends. Few months after completing high school, I got accepted to study in Finland and moved here in June 1996. My new found freedom- no parents and no limitations, led me deeper into the hype of nightclubs, drinking and living in immorality. After a year and half I had totally messed up, yet deep within, my conscience always reminded me that what I was doing was wrong. Each night I would cry to God to help me change. My conscience would not let me continue in a life out of his will, especially the thought of going to hell. Looking back I now understand it was the Holy Spirit calling deep within me to come back home, I was still within the reach of His loving arms. After my first visit to Kenya, I returned with a deep desire to change. Within two days after arriving I was diagnosed with malaria and was therefore hospitalized for a week. During that week I asked my friends to bring my bible and in few days I rededicated my life to Christ. I cannot explain what happened all I know was all my desire or need to enjoy the night life was gone. I was set free and Jesus gave me power to change.

God also helped me grow in understanding his ways. It is about relationship, learning to be loved by Him and loving Him back. Obeying and walking in his way is no longer a burden, but an expression of my love to Him.

We are never too far from His reach no matter how far we may have drifted.
Ndegwa Maina