English speaking churches near Helsinki

Espoo – UCC United community Church ucclife.fi
Espoo – New Hope newhope.fi
Helsinki – IEC International Evangelical Church of Finland www.church.fi
Helsinki – Lighthouse Christian Center

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  1. Tom Jin
    Tom Jin says:

    Really a useful link for a traveller who plan to worship God on business trip in English language.

  2. Helen Henley
    Helen Henley says:

    I am an American, living in Alavus, Finland. Is there an English speaking church in this area, within an hour’s drive? I am 45 minutes from Seinajoki. My husband and family are Lutheran but only attend on several special services and all the services are in Finnish. And if you know of a Christian woman who would like to be a Spiritual sister through emails, FB and/or Skype, I would be honored. I know of no one here that is Born-Again and Spirit-filled. I am soaking up the Word given in the videos. Kiitos oikein paljon for posting! You are a blessing!
    Helen Henley

  3. Riitta Rowland
    Riitta Rowland says:

    Hi Helen! Hope you have found a church by now. My husband is British and we live in the capital area. It has been a bit difficult to find the right church even here. Still, no church is perfect! My advice to you is to learn the Finnish language as well as you can, that is your key to the society and the Finnish way of thinking. There are many sincere Christians in the Lutheran church. If you are looking for something different, you can try the pentecostal church (helluntaiseurakunta) or the free church (vapaaseurakunta) in Seinäjoki. The latter one is probably less “charismatic”. You might even find some English speaking people in those churches in Seinäjoki, check out their web pages! God bless, Riitta

  4. Milla
    Milla says:

    Dear Helen,

    there is a good and very biblical Lutheran church called Seinäjoen Hyvän Paimenen kappeli. Address: Kalevankatu 3, 60100 Seinäjoki.

    The church is conducted by Sley, The Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (LEAF) check: http://www.sley.fi. I highly recommend to go there, and you can surely ask for translation as well 🙂

    God bless you!


  5. Teny
    Teny says:

    We (the Church) have done the same thing in most areas. The government takes care of the poor, the scoolhs teach our children, the hospitals birth our babies and the funeral homes bury our dead. We have abandoned our responsibilities to others in the name of convenience. When we (the Church members) begin to take care of our own, we can then begin to see the Glory of God in our midst. We will then also see how badly the lost need this same thing. And we will have something to offer them.

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