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Gray Areas

Walking in accordance to God’s will – in purity and integrity – in the 21st century is challenged by worldviews that conflict with the Biblical worldview. If you have any questions regarding the “Gray Areas” of Christian life, you can use the below form to send them to us. At some point, we shall again have a discussion on some of the topics in our Bible study.

NOTE! This form is fully anonymous. If you would like to discuss with our pastors on any matter, or want them to reply to your question(s), please send an email to for them to be able to get back to you.

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Our aim is not to shame or condemn anyone, but to grow closer to God; to know Him and surrender to Him; to understand and walk in His ways; and to bring honor to Him with every area of our life. We want to see people set free, strengthened, healed and restored, and the church to rise up as a light in this world; set apart and full of His Spirit, wisdom and power – living in victory, like God intended.